Why Now?

What caused me to start blogging today?

Although I’ve been running internet businesses for 14 years now and reading blogs for much of that, I always knew I had to start a blog.  I kept telling myself I would start any day but kept procrastinating.  Maybe because I was lazy, scared or just didn’t know what to write.  But today I have purpose.  And the New Year gives us a great feeling to reinvent ourselves.  2011 will be my best year yet.  All the things I’ve wanted to always do, I will do this year.

But there is another reason for starting this blog today.  I friend of mine, who has been extremely successful, online making almost 6 figures per month introduced me to an online course he purchased.  We’ve been chatting with each other online on IM almost each week since about September 2010 and updating each other on our projects.  I think he was also in a plateau where he’s been kind of stagnant with his business.  No real growth and needed something to take himself to the next level.  He needed ideas, new concepts that help to brainstorm and get the creative juices flowing.  Something that helps get excited again!

So anyhow he introduces me to this course.  I have it in my inbox and I sit on it for another 2 months.  I’ve barely started the program.  Not that its no good.  But because i’m stuck in a rut and my regular routine, occupied by my stagnant projects.  But what do I tell him, everytime he pings me online and shares with me all the exciting information that he’s learnt?  I keep making excuses for myself and saying “I need to get to it soon”.

Now, we get to meet in person during the December holidays and he tells me about some other courses he’s started.  He’s over flowing with excitement and showing me all the changes he’s made to his online business.  All the copy writing, emails, new site design, etc.  And I have nothing to show for it at all!  This is what got me going.  Plus the downtime during the holidays helped a great deal.

Many of my buddies are looking for something new as well.  A better lifestyle, better career, better Money.  So I encourage them to join me on the course.  We have an excuse to meet up more often and help each other push through without dropping the ball.  This causes discussions.  Two heads, are better than one.

Last but not least.  My ipad helped me move through it faster.  Why?

  1. It doesn’t feel like i’m studying
  2. No boot up time, so easy to pick up from where I left off many times in a day
  3. Take it easily anywhere without any wires (Bedroom, living room, etc)
  4. All touch, no mouse, no typing.  Just brilliant!

So this is what helped me get off my ass and START:

  1. Accepting that I need to make a change
  2. An awesome course
  3. A friend to accompany on the journey
  4. My ipad – Not necessary but helps

I’ve seen hundreds of online course in my many years online.  Never got off the ground with any of them and started to take action.  This one is just EASY, FUN, SIMPLE and comprehensive.  Great for a beginner or an experienced internet professional.  Mind you, I haven’t finished the course yet.  There’s 9 parts to it and i’m only finishing part 3 today.  So amazingly i’m taking action already.  Its just easy.

So which course is it?  Check it out yourself by clicking on this link:

It’s the ShowMoney System

Hello world!

This is my first post.  Finally getting around to this.

I purchased this awesome domain name years ago.  Actually for $22,000 on May 9, 2007.

Too much for this domain?  Well I was new to the domain investment business.  But I don’t regret it since its a subject i’m passionate about and would love to write about.  Almost everyone is looking to get out of their jobs and start their own businesses.  So this will be a great way for me to help people while blogging.

Look forward to my posts.

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